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Shrum Trivia

Shrum Mound

   Shrum Mound is one of the last remaining conical burial mounds around the city of Columbus,Ohio. The 23 ft. high, 100ft. diameter mound is located in the one acre Campbell roadside park, donated by James E. Campbell, Governor of Ohio (1890-1892). The mound was named for the pioneer family whose farm was located on the property. The mound was built approximately 2,000 years ago, by the Adena people. The grass covered mound has steps leading to it's summit, where you may see the high rise buildings of Columbus. The site is surrounded on three sides by marble cliff quaries. It's sister mound, the Teopner Mound, was excavated by the Ohio Historical Society around twenty-five years ago; it contained a great deal of Adena material. The Shrum Mound is situated by the Scioto River, facing McKinnley Avenue.

Shrum, Missouri

   A small town, located in Bollinger County. Shrum, Missouri is located at lat. 37 23N, long 090 00W index #26616251.

Shrum Hollow,Tennessee

    A valley in Macon County, TN. Shrum Hollow is located at lat. 37 27N, long 085 57W index #2661677.

Dark Shrum Branch

   A stream, located in Macon County, TN At lat. 36 27N, long. 085 57W index #2275948.

Shrum Creek

   A creek, located in Missouri at lat. 37 37N, long. 090 00W index #2661676.

W.H. Shrum Tank

   A resevoir, located in Lincoln County, New Mexico at lat. 33 43N, long. 106 00W index #274632.


   A song, by Floyd Cramer (1933-1997); a "Nashville Sound" originator. He sat in session with musicians such as Chet Atkins, Boots Randolph, Roy Orbison, Patsy Kline, The Everly Brothers, and HankWilliams Sr.

Shrum Hill Road

   A road, in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; St. Clair Township.

Schramm Lake

   A lake in Beltrami County, Missouri at lat. 47 25N, long. 094 29W index #264255.


   A transport point, in Yuma County, Colorado. At lat. 40 06N, long. 102 36W index #2016271.

Schramm Creek

   A creek in Bayfield County,Winsconsin at lat. 46 26N, long. 091 07W index #26458.

Squire's Schramm Ditch

   A canal in Lorain County, Ohio at lat. 41 20N, long. 082 12W index #2689835.


   A town in Cook County, Illionois at lat. 41 36N, long. 087 32W index #2648313.

Schrum Creek

   A creek in Lane County, Oregon at lat. 43 55N, long. 124 03W index #2648314.



Schrum Hollow

   A valley in Reynolds County, Missouri at lat. 37 16N, long. 091 05W index #2648315.

Schram Branch

   A stream in Huron County, Michagan at lat. 43 56N, long. 082 59W index #264252.

Schram City, Illionois

   A city in Montgomery County, Illionois at lat. 39 09N, long. 089 27W index #2030084.

Schram Drain

   A canal in Huron County, Michagan at lat. 43 58N, long. 083 02W index #2648253.

Schram Lake

   A lake in Bethram County, Minnesota at lat. 47 25N, long. 094 29W index #2648255.

Schram Lake

   A lake in Grant County, Minnesota at lat. 45 52N, long. 096 03W index #2648254.

Other Schramm or Shrum Trivial Facts

  The Shrum Bowl, a 36 year tradition at the UBC, University Of British Columbia. It was named after Dr. Gordon Shrum, who helped establish the football program at UBC, and later became Chancellor at SFU. The first Shrum Bowl was held in 1967 at the Old Empire Stadium. (Information from Alton Shrum via e-mail, 02/22/2004).

  A Brigadier General named Schramm listed in a french newspaper dated October 18, 1877. (Submitted by Alton Shrum via e-mail 2/2/2004).

  A Brigadier General Ned Schramm chief of staff, Fourth Air Force states (Per 13/hisplane.htm) that two Army Air Force Intelligence officers from the Bay area were killed when their B-25 bomber crashed into a hillside near Kelso, Wash. were on a mission apparently connected with flying discs. From the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, August 3, 1947.

  An M. Schramm mentioned in Napolean Bonapart's Memoirs; a passage from them reads thus:"...There was found on him a bulletin which he was about to transmit to me, and he only escaped certain death by having in his possesion a letter of recommendation from a Hamburg merchant well known to M. Alopaeus, the Russian Minister in their city. This precaution, which I had taken before he set out, saved his life. M. Alopaeus replied to the merchant that, in consequence of his recommendation the spy should be sent back safe and sound, but for the inconceivable coolness he displayed under the most trying circumstances. Though the bulletin which was found upon him was addressed to M. Schramm, merchant, they strongly suspected that it was intended for me..."

   Of all the Shrum's listed in phone directories, according to, the number of Shrum's in each state, from the highest number to the lowest number of Shrum's is:

  • TN  237
  • MO 219
  • OK  151
  • TX   146
  • PA   113
  • CA   106
  • IN      77
  • NC     76
  • FL      73
  • AR     65
  • VA     60
  • MI      51
  • OR     48
  • IL       46
  • KS     41
  • WA    33
  • KY     26
  • CO     25
  • AZ      24
  • GA     22
  • ID       22
  • OH     21
  • AL      19
  • MD     13
  • IA       12
  • SC      11
  • NV     10
  • NM      9
  • MA      8
  • LA       7
  • UT       7
  • AK      6
  • ME      6
  • NJ       6
  • MN     4
  • MS      4
  • MT      4
  • NE       4
  • WI       4
  • NH      3
  • NY      3
  • WY     3
  • DE       2
  • DC       1
  • ND       1
  • SD        1
  • CT        0
  • HI         0
  • PR        0
  • RI         0
  • VT        0
    Total listed Shrum's: 1, 836

    Shrum Distribution (A Band Named Shrum, Alternative Rock)

    "Shrum" a band, album: "Red Devils And Purple Ringers" (More Shrum Stories) (Paintings by Bobbi Shrum)

    Books at the National Library Of Congress

       "The History Of The Schrum-Shrum Family, Compiled By Vernon J. Schrum" by Schrum, Vernon J. 1927-, Raleigh,NC. 1968 LC Control #72008148, Call #CS71.S56048 1968, Dewey Class #929.2/0973.

       "Shrums History Book/James Roy Shrum, SR." by Shrum, Roy, 1918-, Chatanooga? 1975? LC Control #79117776, Call #CS71.S56048 1975, Dewey Class #929/.2/0973.

       "Shrum genealogy:
    Schramm, Srom, Strom, Shrum, Schrum/Compiled By Virginia C. Shrum"
    by Shrum, Virginia Cooley, 1926-, Stephens City, VA. Commercial Press, 1988, LC Control #89156444, Call #CS71.S3865 1988, Dewey Class #929/.2/0973 20.

       "Town Crier, Ancesters Of The Missouri Shrums/Compiled By Linda L. Green"by Green, Linda L., Huntsville, AL. (708 Lilly Flag Rd., Huntsville 35802):L.L.Green, 1996, LC Control #98199108, Call #CS71S3865 1996, Dewey Class #929/.2/0973 21.

       "Man With A Scar; A Schramm Family History/By Elaine Schramm Perkins" by Perkins, Elaine Schramm, (S.1); E.S.Perkins, 1988, LC Control #88173048, Call #CT274.S35 P 47 1988, Dewey Class #929/.2/0973 19.








  •  "The Schramm Letters, Written By Jacob Schramm and Members Of His Family From Indianna To Germany In The Year 1836" by Schramm, Jacob,1805-1880, Translated and edited by Emily S. Vonnegut. (Originally published in Bohemia,1837) Indianapolis, Indianna Historical Society, 1935, LC Control #36011395, Call #F521.141 vol. 11, no. 4, Dewey Class #977.2s 977.2/5803/092.

    Music At The National Library Of Congress

       "Cal Shrum And His Rhythm Rangers" LB.766 (sound recording), Shrum, Cal, analog 33 1/3 rpm mono, MM01311-DS MacGregor (Country Music to 1951), LC Control #2001664118, Call #NCPC 10422. (This is one of several albums, Cal Shrum won the Rock-A-Billy  Hall Of Fame Award for his song: "I'm A Man" in 1958 ).

       "The Magic Touch Of Floyd Cramer" by Cramer, Floyd prf., (New York): RCA Camden-1965? CAS 874 RCA Camden, LC Control #99570155, Call #RCA Camden CAS 874 (contains the song "Shrum", also available on CD: "The Essential Floyd Cramer"). According to "Re: Song 'Shrum' by Floyd Cramer" dated June 03, 2002, posted by Fred Shrum; Fred states that Floyd Cramer was introduced to a Mr. Lindell Frederick Shrum, who was promoting Barricini Candies at a function. He then states that Mr. Floyd Cramer was so struck with the name "Shrum" that he then wrote the tune. Fred further states that his family was given 10 promotional copies of the recording.

    Other Interesting Reading

       "Germania" by Tacitus; a Roman historian, he wrote the most detailed early descriptions of the Germanic People at the end of the first century CE.


       "Beowulf" by an unknown author, written in 1000 AD, but is set in the early 6th century. It was written in Old English (Anglo-Saxon). The single existing manuscript survived a fire that destroyed the library of Sir Robert Bruce Cotton (1571-1631). The hero, Beowulf,goes on an adventure, and with great feats of strength and courage, he slays a dragon.

    "Beyond Germanna: The Year Of The Destroying Angels" by Klaus Wust; ISSN 1073-838X volume 10, number 1, January 1998.

  • http"//

    "From Schramm To Shrum" by John L. Shrum; 1998 John L. Shrum,1998 Schrum/Shrum Newsletter vol. 4, no. 4, pg. 4, April 1998.

  • http://

    "Scattered Leaves Down Memory Lane" by Ana Elizabeth Schrum; Gilmer, Texas 1966 Acme 600 W. Upshur Gladwater, Texas 75647

    "The History Of The Descendants Of David Shrum" by Virginia Shrum; 375 pages, hardbound: $47.50 plus $2.00 s&h to: Virginia Shrum, 1149 Harman Road, Mauretown, VA. 22644, phone (540) 436-3529.

       "The Descendants Of Nicholas Shrum Of NC"1996. A looseleaf book, published yearly; contact: Bobby Blanton, 2760 Maiden Highway, Lincolnton, NC 28092, phone: (704) 735-8551. $120.00 plus $7.00 s&h.

       "Davy, Ship's Passenger List" qualified October 25, 1738; William Patton, Commander from Amsterdam.


       "How To Search, Starting Your Search Of The Five Civilized Tribes"


       "The Germanic Nation" by Mark Furnival.(Dark Ages Web).


       "Thomas Lovelady's Revolution Pension Application" 1833:


      "1844 Macon County, TN Tax List Schedule Of Slave Owners"

      "Symbolisms Of Heraldry"


      "What Information Was Taken During A Census Year?"


      "Vital Records Addresses, Where To Write"


      "Smith County, TN Misc. Patriotic Veterans: Carthage Gazette Saturday, March 14, 1812 No. 142. Vol. III."


      "The Shrum Family: Cal's Column; April 26, 1951 (Transcribed by Pamela Vick reprinted July 28, 1977)."





  •  "Huguenot history, Germany (Hugenotten-Uckermark)"
      A History of the Thirty Years War, and The Palatinate Succession War.


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