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The white people, fueled by greed, took alot of things from the American Indians, and The Cherokee; including land, gold, power, pride, culture, heritage and history.

In 1899 The United States Government decreed that in order to be recognized as a member of the Cherokee Nation, you must reside on the Reservations and sign the Dawes Rolls. Those who resided on tribal lands and signed the Dawes Rolls, have learned well from the white man, for they, also have taken from those who would claim their heritage and history, those not on the Dawes Rolls are denied entrance into the Cherokee Nation, and are treated as outcast; even though the same blood flows in our veins.
There are many reasons a Cherokee may not have signed the Dawes Rolls, not wanting to live on Tribal lands, unable to make the journey to Oklahoma Territory, or wanting to become a citizen of The United States.
The United Cherokee Nation was organized for those whose ancestry did not sign an agreement with the US govt. and they fled and hid out in the Appalachians, commonly known as Black Dutch. Some are referred to as Free Cherokee.
My Cherokee ancesters were born in South Carolina and Missouri and are not listed on the Dawes Rolls. They are Cherokee, none the less.
So, I have chosen to apply to join The United Cherokee Nation; to reclaim my heritage and history taken from me by The United States Government. I am Cherokee. My blood cries out for what was stolen. Lands and gold, are as nothing to me. But my heritage culture and history, are worth more than words can say. It is a supreme insult to take that from a people, to leave them without a soul. Signitures on Treaty documents are written in ink, and ink fades away, treaties are broken. Sigitures written in DNA and blood never fade away, and are never broken.
Blood calls to blood, come; join me my brothers and sisters, it costs approximately $50 for fees, dues, and Notarized documents.
You will recieve a certificate and a card to carry signifying your Cherokee heritage.

Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Nation
The United States recognized Cherokee Nation

To be eligible for Tribal Citizenship with the Cherokee Nation, you must be able to provide documents that connect you to an enrolled lineal ancestor, who is listed on the (DAWES ROLL) FINAL ROLLS OF CITIZENS AND FREEDMEN OF THE FIVE CIVILIZED TRIBES, Cherokee Nation with a blood degree.
This roll was taken between 1899-1906 of Citizens and Freedmen residing in Indian Territory (now NE Oklahoma). Many applicants do not qualify for Tribal Citizenship because their ancestors did not meet the enrollment requirements and were not enrolled.
Certain requirements had to be met in order to be placed on the Dawes Roll. One example is the enrollee had to establish their permanent residence in NE Oklahoma before 1889 to meet the residential requirement. Tribal Citizenship is issued through natural parents. In adoption cases, Tribal Citizenship must be proven through the BIOLOGICAL PARENT to the enrolled ancestor.
A copy of the Final Decree of Adoption, and a State Certified, Full Image/Photocopy of the Birth Record must accompany the application. All information will remain confidential.

United Cherokee Nation








The United Cherokee Nation
The unrecognized Cherokee Nation

If you have Tsalagi (Cherokee) blood and you want to become part of THE "GATHERING" please fill out an application today.
Who Can Join? We invite everyone on "Mother Earth" who claims the right to be Tsalagi (Cherokee) to join with us in "The Gathering".
Benefits of Joining! Most Tsalagi (Cherokee) people who do not belong to a tribe or cannot get on closed or restricted Federal Government rolls are left to fend for themselves. There still remains over one million natives who claim the right of having Tsalagi (Cherokee) blood. Because of political policy within the tribes themselves, it is difficult for those not born on the reservation or who have left their tribal homelands to get established back into any tribal organization. Join our International Tribal Membership Organization and come home to your family. Share and learn our rich history and culture with your Clan, your children and your grandchildren.
How Can You Join? To join we need a completed application that has been notarized. Please scroll down to the UCN logo, right click and print two copies of the application in case of mistakes. When you sign and get the application notarized you are making a sworn statement that you have Tsalagi (Cherokee) Ancestry. In 20 years any document that is notarized becomes a legal court document. Please do not send any un-requested documentation with your application to The United Cherokee Nation (UCN), Your documents remain part of your collection and history.

  • Baker, John Williamson:
    Reputed to be a Choctaw Indian, and a guide/scout for the U.S. Army.( Information from Judy Kelley: Mary Jane Brimm's family bible quoted from; March 6 2000:"Re:Mary J Brimm m: John W Baker in TN or PA".).
    Charles Baker had a message dated July 4th, 1999 ( stating that he was looking for a John W. Baker who had land patents and a homestead in sect. 13 twn. 14S. range 19W in 1855, 1857, and 1876. This would have been about three miles from Buena Vista, in Quachita Co., AR. He says that his g.grandfather Absalom Baker would go to Camden from Lafayette Co. once a year in the 1850's and buy groceries, on the way back, he always stopped by Buena Vista to visit his half-brother John, who was originally from TN. Possibly the same John W. Baker?
    Individual Report: John Williamson Baker. Born 11 Apr. 1828 in Lincoln, TN. Married Mary Jane Brim 5 Oct. 1848 in Rogar, Lincoln Co. TN. Died 25 Oct. 1899 in Leflor OK. Children:
    Annie Elizabeth Baker (Shrum) (16 Feb. 1861-1 Jan. 1948).
    Martha Eldora Baker (Kelley) (18 Jul. 1871-15 Oct. 1943).
    Mahala Baker (4 Jan. 1850-1876).
    Mary D.E. Baker (4 Oct. 1852-29 Oct. 1860).
    Margaret Baker (6 Nov. 1854-).
    Robert N. Baker (14 Sep. 1857-7 Sep. 1864).
    Lucinda E. Baker (26 Feb. 1856-).
    John R. Baker (16 Dec. 1864-26 Sep. 1875).
    George G. Baker (9 Apr. 1869-).
    Ollie Baker (Foster) (Abt. 1870).
    Libby J. Baker (8 Feb. 1860-).
    Sarah Rebecca Baker (29 Mar. 1873-22 July 1875).

  • Brim, Mary Jane:
    Reputed to be Cherokee Indian.
    Individual Report:Mary Jane Brim. Born 27 Feb. 1832 in Lincoln Co. TN. Married John Williamson baker 5 Oct. 1848 in Rogar, Lincoln Co. TN. Died 15 Dec. 1911 in Leflore, Ok. Children:
    Annie Elizabeth Baker (Shrum) (16 Feb. 1861-1 Jan. 1948).
    Martha Eldora Baker (Kelley) (18 Jul. 1871-15 Oct. 1943).
    Mahala Baker (4 Jan. 1850-1876).
    Mary D. E. Baker (4 Oct. 1852-29 Oct. 1860).
    Margaret Baker (6 Nov. 1854-).
    Robert N. Baker (14 Sep. 1857-7 Sep. 1864).
    Lucinda E. Baker (26 Feb. 1856-).
    John R. Baker (16 Dec. 1864-26 Sep. 1875).
    George G. Baker (9 Apr. 1869-).
    Ollie Baker (Foster) (About 1870-).
    Libby J. Baker (8 Feb. 1860-).
    Sarah Rebecca Baker 29 Mar. 1873-22 July 1875).

  • Baker, Annie Elizabeth:
    According to family tradition, Annie was a full blood Cherokee Indian. Also found listed as Annie Eliza Baker, and Anna Eliza Baker. Born in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri.
    The obituary from the Saturday, January 3rd, 1948 "Bakersfield Californian" reads; (pg.11) Shrum, Annie E. -Funeral services for Mrs. Annie E. Shrum, 86, 125 Milham Dr., who died in a Bakersfield hospital January 1, will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Greenlawn Chapel with the Rev. George V. Work officiating. Burial will be in Greenlawn Memorial Park. Mrs. Shrum was born in Missouri, and had lived in Bakersfield 3 years. Survivng are three sons, Samuel of Bakersfield, William and G.E. of Stockton; and one daughter, Mrs. May Cannon of Bakersfield, and 24 grandchildren. (Information provided via e-mail reply by Sharon, Kern Co. volunteer, dated Wed., 14 May, 2003).
    Individual Report: Annie Elizabeth Baker. Born 16 Feb. 1861 in Eagle Rock, Barry County MO. Married James Wakefield Shrum 17 Sept. 1885 in OK. Died 1 Jan. 1948 in Kern County, Bakersfield, CA. Children:
    William Harvey Shrum (20 Jul. 1903-2 Mar. 1991)
    Samuel Clarence Shrum (21 Jul. 1905-27 Aug. 1976).
    Tilitha J. Shrum (29 Jul. 1886-).
    George Wakefield Shrum (14 Mar. 1888-May 1978).
    Genettie Mae (Della) Shrum (1 Jan. 1890-).
    Suzannie Shrum (21 Sep. 1892-1893).
    James Cutter Shrum (12 Mar. 1899-26 Feb. 1903).
    Nancy J. Shrum (1857-).
    Eliza Talitha Shrum (Shinkle) (1859-).

  • Lovelady, Sarah Beckie:
    Church membership: Union Christian Church. Rumors of Cherokee and Choctaw blood lineage on the internet.
    From Lovelady forum, Dec. 11, 1998: Laura L. Campbell, she lists; Guion-Miller rolls of Eastern Cherokees #17980 Lovelady, Eliza, TN; #43986 Lovelady, Sarah, GA. Dawes Commision 1896 index #1644: Charles H, Lovelady, #1645 M.J. Lovelady. From; Cal's Column; He says that Sarah Lovelady was blind in her later years. Sarah "Sallie" Lovelady, according to (South Carolina became a state in 1788).
    Individual Report:Sarah Beckie Lovelady (Shrum). Born 1789 in SC. Married Peter Shrum 1805. Died 1879 Macon Co., TN. Children:
    Peter King Shrum (24 Apr. 1813-Nov. 1891).
    Pleasant Franklin Shrum (2 May 1830-14 June 1884).
    John Allen Shrum (1830-28 May 1886).
    Tilman D. Shrum (31 Dec. 1807-After 1900).
    William B. Shrum (1832-).
    Rebecca "Beckie" Shrum (Dixon) (1816-About 1910).
    Moses Shrum (1815 to 1820-Before 1860).
    Asa Joyner Shrum (15 Nov. 1826-17 Jun. 1864).
    Newton B. Shrum (1834-).
    Carroll (L.?) S. Shrum (1815-After 1884).
    Matilda "Tilda" Shrum (1820 to 1825-).
    Nancy A. Shrum (1828-).
    Elizabeth Shrum (Drury) (1831-).
    Sarah "Sally" Shrum (Brawner) (1812-Before 1860).
    Gideon (Gid) W. Shrum (Before 1870-).
    Nicholas Shrum (Before 1870-).
    Thomas Shrum (1814-).
    John Shrum (1805-Before 1850).
    Mary Shrum (Gammons) (-).
    Johif "John" Shrum (1805-).

  • Shrum, Alton:
    Alton e-mailed me on 02/22/03, and provided me with this information: He was 8 years old when his grandmother Annie E. Baker died. He remembers her trying to teach him some Cherokee. He says,"Mom had some papers on the family that she thought was Annie's." "James W. Shrum's father married an Indian." He also states that Sarah Lovelady was a Cherokee, and was listed on the Guion-Miller Rolls #43986 Lovelady, Sarah GA.

  • Shrum, Mel Edward:
    I am a truck driver, sub-contracted to The United States Postal Service, an honor student and graduate of Foothill High School, a self taught computor operator, webpage editor and designer, and geneologist/historian.
    I am one-eighth Cherokee, according to family tradition, from my great-grandmother Annie Baker. I would be just under a quater, if my research is correct, including the bloodline of my great-great grandmother Mary Dewhitt as well as my great-great-great grandmother Sarah Lovelady.

  • Shrum, William Harvey:
    He was a brakeman for the Union Pacific Railroad. He was born in Canadian Switch, OK (Indian Territory) which is now Macintosh Co. ID # 12044. OK became a territory in 1890, and became a state in 1907.
    William was one-half Cherokee, according to family lore, from his mother Annie Elizabeth Baker; if other rumors prove to be true, he is in fact just under three-quarters Cherokee, from the blood added through Sarah Lovelady and Mary Telitha Dewitt.

  • Shrum, Wylie Lawrence:
    He was a Yardmaster with the Southern Pacific railroad. He fought during the Korean War, and was awarded a Korean Service medal with four engagement stars, a National Defense Service medal, and a United Nations Service Medal. He attained he rank of CR-EM3 aboard the USS Phillippine Sea (CV-47), and was honorably discharged 16 Nov. 1953.
    He was born Thur. Aug. 25th, 1927. He weighed 160 lbs. and stood 5ft. 6 in. tall. Wylie was, according to family lore, one-quarter Cherokee. If other rumors proove true, he would be just over half Cherokee, through the blood of Sarah Lovelady and Mary Telitha Dewitt.
    Individual Report:Wylie Lawrence Shrum. Born 25 Aug. 1927 in Webb Co., Wagoner, OK. Married Emma Jean Farley 4 Dec. 1946 in Kern Co. Bakersfield, CA. Died 27 May 1982 in Kern Co. Bakersfield, CA. Children:
    Mel Edward Shrum (14 Mar. 1957-).
    Paul Jeffery Shrum (13 Sep. 1960-).
    Laura Jean Shrum (Burns) (28 Sep. 1954-).

  • Dewitt, Mary Telitha:
    Rumored to be Cherokee Indian. (Per e-mail from Alton Shrum). Also known as Telitha Dewhitt: Kerry K Keener Genealogy.

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