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Burg Hohenschramberg
(Schramberg Castle)

Schramberg Crest Schramberg Castle SketchGerman Flag

The following information has been translated from German

     Burg Hohenschramberg, or Schramberg Castle, was built between the years 1447 and 1526, on top of the ealier castle known as the Falcon Stone. Hans Von Rechberg began construction of Burg Hohenschramberg castle in 1457. In 1526 the castle was owned by Mr. Von Landenberg from Thurgau in Switzerland. Later, Rochus Merz, chancellor of the Austrian government in Ensisheim in the Elsass aquired the castle for 21 years. He received the deed to the castle from emperor Karl V. From 1583 to 1805, the House of Austria ruled the castle, which was represented by a different Lehensherren. In The Thirty Years War,(1633) the Duke of Wuerttemberg beseiged the castle with soldiers, the castle was taken. In 1648 the castle was sold to Count Von Bissingen and Count Nippenburg, from Austria. The Counts built the first lock in the valley in 1772 to 1773. In 1689, the castle was destroyed by King Ludwig XIV of France, during The War Of Sucession (1688-1697). Between 1957 and 1983, restorations and excavations took place by the city of Schramberg, with the Office For National Monument, BadenWuerttemberg and the castle pioneers, a group of citizenry who volunteered their spare time to preserve the castle.

Schramberg is situated in the joining of four valleys, to form a fifth valley. You may see the ruins of three castles here. In the middle of the city, on the lock mountain, can be seen castle Hohenschramberg (Named after it's last owners, it is also known as castle Nippenburg). It originates from the 15 century, and was once an enormous castle/fort. In the Thirty Years War it was heavily damaged.It was destroyed in 1689 by the French. The walls are up to six meters thick ( 19.6 feet!) outside of the Palas, as well as the tower. Here annually in August, a musical celebration takes place. The castle was once one of the largest castles in South West Germany.

The sketch above is a detail from the exhibition , which the Schramberg architect engaged, based on the research of castle blueprints, old texts, designs by Refuge Hess.

For tourist information:
Main Street 25
78713 Schramberg
Tel.: +49 (0) 74 22/2 92 15
Fax: +49 (0) 74 22/2 92 09

A Castle Timeline

About 1455: Hanss Von Rechberg acquires the castle.
1457-1459 : Hanss Von Rechberg improves the castle defenses, it is considered the most impregnable fortress in all of Swabia country.
1464 : Count Eberhard (The Beard) besieges the castle in vain.
1500-1600 : The castle changes hands repeatedly, finally it is owned by Wuerttemberg.
1618-1648 : The Thirty-Years War, the castle is besieged repeatedly by Konrad, finally, he can take it only by outwitting the owner.
1634 : Mr. Von Bissingen acquires the castle.
October 1rst, 1689: French troops take the castle, and set it on fire.

The following is attributed to a sign in front of the castle.

  Burg Hohenschramberg was built in 1457 to 1459 by Hans Von Rechberg, the forefather of the Schramberg family. The castle was built on the remains of an earlier castle. It was built to withstand the fireweapons that were used at that time. During the next two-hundred years, the castle walls were reinforced several times. Despite all of this, Konrad Wiederhold, the famous trial lawyer of Hohentwiel was able to capture the castle during the 20 year war. {30 Year War?-Mel Shrum}. In 1648 , the last additions were built by Hans Fredrich Von Bissingen. During the Louis XIV, {Ludwig XIV?-Mel Shrum} war against Germany, the castle was destroyed , on January 10, 1689. The remains, even though heavily damaged, is the Kaeferlsturn Tower in the northwest, the fort (Wehrburg) and the two half round towers, as well as the outside walls of the palace. Take note of the family crest with the inscription 1499 of the Von Rechberg Aristocracy above the northly entrance to the fort. The walls around the fort are 6 meters thick in several places, and it contains many openings that were used to shoot through during the wars. The inscription above the southerly entrance to the fort tells of a fire in 1498, and the rebuilding.
The ruins are taken care of by the City of Schramberg, and the "Burgpioniere", {"City Pioneers"-Mel Shrum} an organization of citizens of Schramberg, who donate their time without compensation, and with only the thanks of the citizens.

Schramberg Castle Tower Schramberg Castle WallsSchramberg Castle No.1Schramberg Castle No.2Schramberg Castle Diagram Schramberg Castle No.3





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