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Photo Gallery

Schrammberg Crest

Schramberg Tower

Schramberg Castle Walls

1825 Shrum House

Detail of brick German Prayer design

1830 Shrum House

Peter Shrum's land #1

Peter Shrum's land #2

Shrum Hollow Rd.

Peter King Shrum

Jacob S. Shrum

James Wakefield Shrum, Annie Elizabeth Baker, William Shrum and George Shrum

Tom and Ellen Baker

Pleasant Franklin Shrum

Orville and Minnie Franks, Mary Franks center

A neighbor:Jim Tuck, William Shrum and James Shrum

Sunday School Camp; All the Shrum boys and cousins are in here somewhere

John Edward Farley

The Farley's; Myrtle, John, Estelle and Jean

John L. Franks

John and Bessie Franks and family

Bill and Mary Shrum

Jeanetta, Charles and Wylie Shrum

Bill Shrum

Myrtle Farley's sister, Grace

Myrtle Farley's brother, Ode Stone

Myrtle Farley with sister Grace and brother Ode

Myrtle Farley, Mel, Jean, Paul and Laura with Minnie and Howard Hinkley

Leslotta, Tom and Jean

Evelynn, Mary, Alice and Jean

John Farley and his first wife

Jean's half-sisters; Todi, Grace and Rene

Bessie Franks

Buster, Calvin, Tom and Wylie

John and Lois Ferguson

Calvin, Buster, Bill, Tom, Mary and Wylie

John D. Franks

Mable, Tom, Calvin, Della, Wylie, Charles, Brent, Bill, Buster, Mary, Alton, James and Aunt Mary

Jean and Wylie dancing, aboard the U.S.S. Phillipine Sea

U.S.S. Phillipine Sea

Paula, Beckie, Jessie, Amalie, Jeffery and Paul Shrum

Wylie Shrum

Myrtle Farley

The Shrum's circa 1973; Laura, Jean, Wylie, Paul and Mel

Christie, Estelle, Sandra, Carol, Michael, and Curly Hawkins

Shrum's Dairy delivery truck, circa 1925

Myrtle Farley's mother (Ester Medura Davis) used to carry water in this

German Club; Foothill High School, Mel Shrum in letterman's jacket

"The Epic" Foothill High School, Mel Shrum Cartoonist and Reporter (center, letterman's jacket)

Margaret Laird Shrum

Thomas Sisco and Nancy Permilia Shrum

unknown Shrum family, Bethany 1903

John Shrum

unknown Farley family

Aurther McDoyle Shrum

Lucy Ann Shrum-Steen and family

Louisa Shrum-Weems and family

Thomas Wiseman "Whick" Shrum and family

Parmelia Parzetta Shrum

Annie Shrum, by spare tire, and Shrum family

Charles, Della, Alton, Myrtle, Brent and Mable

Bill Shrum and relatives (unknown)

Della, Myrtle, Alton, Sam and Brent Shrum circa 1945

Desda Farley

James Thomas Stone Jr.

Joseph and Maude Farley circa 1909 (John Edward Farley's brother)

Myrtle Shrum circa 1948

Ruby, Floyd and Freddie Lefevre circa 1939

Sam, Myrtle, Charles, Mable, Brent, Della and Alton Shrum

Thomas R. Stone circa 1901

Samuel Shrum circa 1923

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