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Last Will & Testament Of Nicholas Shrum:
Aug. 24, 1791

In The Name Of God, Amen

  I, Nicolas Shrum of the County of Lincoln and the State of North Carolina, finding myself in a bad state of health but of perfect mind and memory, and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament for to dispose of what wordly estate it has pleased God to bestow unto me in this life, in the following form and manner after my decease,

Item 1:  I give and bequeath unto Margaret, my well beloved wife the command of the plantation whereon I now live, until my son Henry comes of age, as also of the family, and to take her choice of one horse creature, also of the cows and four sheep for her own use, and the horse and tackling, two pots, the pewter, wooden and earthen ware belonging to the deceased and one bed and furniture, also her saddle and one spinning wheel. And in case that Henry and his mother can not agree together on the land or in the house, after Henry comes of age, he is to build her a good decent house with two floors, chimney and door at any convenient spring where his mother sees cause, and keep her in constant firewood, ground not to exceed ten acres where she sees cause on said land, for her own use and the one third part of the benefit of the orchard where I now live.

  My wife is to move her horse and other stock of cattle and sheep with her, and other property above mentioned to her own house when built and when she sees cause, and to remain with her during widowhood. And providing that my wife should happen to marry again she is to deliver up all the above property to the executionors of this will and the land and house to Henry. If she dies a widow to dispose of it as she sees cause. If she marries, she is not to give up her horse and saddle, wheel and bed but them she may take with her.

Item 2:   I give and bequeath unto my son Henry all that tract of land whereon I now live as also two other tracts adjoining the same, the whole ammounting to three hundred and eighteen acres, as will more fully appear by the different patents thereunto belong to him, his heirs and assigns forever, to have and to hold, after giving to his mother the above mentioned priviledges and giving her yearly during her widowhood fifteen bushels of wheat, ten of corn and five of rye, two hundred weight of good pork, one hundred fifty weight of good beef, and sow and plow half an acre of good ground in flax for her yearly.

Item 3:   I give and bequeath to my son Peter the sum of five shillings, also my son, Nicolas the sum of five shillings.

Item 4:   I give and bequeath to my five eldest daughters, viz: Mary, Elizabeth, Katreena, Christiana and Margaret the sum of five pounds cash to be paid out of my personal estate.

Item 5:   I leave to my daughter Hannah one brendled two year old heifer, also to my daughter, Sarah, one black cow four years old.

Item 6:   I leave to my two youngest sons, John and David, the two tracts of land lying on Buffalo, joining George Patterson and Joseph Carpenter land containing five hundred acres as the different patents will more fully make and appear, to them their heirs and assigns, to be equally divided when the eldest of the two sons comes of age. But in case either said John or David should die without any lawful issue before the other comes of age, the whole shall fall into the hands of the survivor.

Item 7:   I leave that tract of land on Hoyles Creek joining Friday's land containing two hundred and thirty acres to be sold by my executors after my decease and the monry arising from the sale, one part to be put to that use to school my four youngest children, viz: John, David, Susanah and Barbara.

   And the said John and David when schooled so far as to read, write and arithmetic, to be bound out to such trades as my executors see cause with their own consent not exceeding four years each. And my son Henry is to support the four children for vittles and clothes during their schooling, provided it not exceed the term of three years, out of the benefits of his land and the remainder of said money to be devided, with the other cash and personal estate.

   Also I order all my personal estate to be sold by my executors the next spring after my decease at public sale and the money arising from the sale to be equally divided amongst my eight following children: Jacob, Henry, Hannah, Susanna, John, David, Sarah and Barbara.

   All things mentioned in my will before the order of sale is herby excepted and all legacies paid before a division is made of the personal estate and the remainer of the price of the land, price after schooling the children, is to be equally divided among the six last mentioned children, viz: Hannah, Susanna, John, David, Sarah and Barbara.

   And for the execution of this last will and testament,I hereby nominate and appoint John Fullenwider, Esqr. and my son Jacob Shrum to be my whole and sole executors of this will, and I do hereby disanull all former wills and testaments whatsoever ratifying and confirming this.

   In testimony Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in the presents of the subscribing witnesses this 24th day of August, 1791.

(sighned) J. Graham, F. Rhodes, Nicolas Shrum (his mark) and his seal.    Be it remembered that there is a blank near the middle of the 5th line.

   North Carolina, Lincoln County

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