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Free Software


These free downloads are the cream of the crop!

   1. Dink Smallwood; A free downloadable RPG Action game, like Zelda. This game is very fun to play, and it comes with a "Dink" engine to create your own "DMODS" games. Also available are hundreds of free downloadable DMOD games.(Parental warning, some animated blood, some minor four letter words.)Download Dink Smallwood from Robinson Technologies:

Download DMODS from Game Spy:

Download walkthroughs and help from The Dink Solutions:

    2. Millenia Corporation: Legacy Family Tree 4.0      A free, easy to use family tree maker. You can import and export gedcom files, you can import photographs, and there is plenty of room for notes.

    3. Sothink HTML Editor 2.5  An excellant HTML editor, also comes with an WYSIWYG editor, you can switch between them and learn HTML code!

    4. Yankee Clipper III, 0.99.6  A free multiple clipboard tool. Extremely usefull for copying and pasting multiple images, data,URL's and / or blocks of writting. A real time saver, especially when writting html code.

    5. Belarc Advisor 5.1k  A free computor profiler, it makes a list of all software installed on your computor, with version.

    6. Progeny Software: Screen Ripper 32  A digtal camera for your computor, it can capture an image from your screen from any source. It can capture a small area or the entire screen, and save it as an icon, bitmap, .gif, or jpeg.

    7. Wavel: Pic2pic 1.2  A very usefull utility that can import an image in these types: BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPEG, JPG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TIF, TIFF, TGA, and WMF and save them to these types: BMP, JPG, PBM, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, and TIF.

    8. Illustrate: dB Power Amp 4.0,0,53  A very nice music convertor can save from and to a variety of sound types; such as: WMP, MP3, WAV etc.

    9. LavaSoft: Ad-Aware 5.6  A utility that seeks out and destroys ad spyware.

    10. Sue Fischer: The Font Thing 0.80  A usefull utility that can show you what any sentence / words will look like in any given / installed font.

   11. Grisoft Software: AVG Antivirus 6.0  Free antivirus protection, updates itself for free.

   12. Zonealarm 3.1.291;  A free firewall utility, that keeps your computor secure from hackers.

   13. Microsoft: Media Player 9.00.002980  A very nice media player that can save to different formats such as CD, MP3, WAV, and WMP.

   14. Clickie  A utility that allows you to right-click a file and copy and paste it's path name.

   15. 7zip  A free, unintrusive zip program.

   16. Yahtzee for Windows  A free yahtzee game with dice effects and sound, for up to four players.

   17. Bincsoft: Guitar chords Crash Course 3.4  A free guitar tuner and chord replicator.

   18. Biebersoft: BarRoom Games  A very cool free set of games; includes: bowling, pool, and darts.

  19. Ziff-Davis (PC Magazine): Iconedit32;

  20. Sawpit: Webmastertools;

   I have made some nice icons with free downloadable software. I was able to make The Beatles Yellow Submarine, John, Paul, George and Ringo; Humphrey Bogart; the Schrammberg Crest; and the Schramm Coat of Arms.
The Beatles,Yellow Submarine John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrison Ringo Starr Humphrey Bogart Schrammberg Crest Schramm Arms










I have also downloaded some nice free fonts from    such as:

Echo Decco
Late Nite
Yellow Submarine
Zeppelin II
Twylite Zone
Neon Lights

   I've even found at other sites, Runes from J.R.R.Tolkein (, (Dwarf, Tengwar-Quenya (Truetype), Cherokee fonts (from, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs (from RK-Fonts:

Dwarf Runes

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Note: The Fonts will only appear correctly if you have them installed on your computor, otherwise you will only see the name of each font in your regular font style.    

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