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Favorite Links

   These are my favorite links, I haven't really linked to all of these pages, I've just listed them. And all are http://www.(Fill in the blank).com, unless otherwise noted. If you have a Shrum or Shrum related link, please e-mail it to me.

Which Internet Service Provider is the best?

Shrum Web Sites

  • (You are here).
  • TNN.htm Trish S. Carden has done an excellant job with her web site! There are lots of Shrum links and information...please visit her site-Mel Shrum
  • (You can search this forum also! Forums for most surnames, including Schramm, Schrum)
  • (The Schrum-Shrum Family pages, a lot of hard work has gone into this site; please visit it).
  • ( Here is where you may download my entire gedcom file).
  • (Shrum connections).
  • (Shrum connections).
  • (Senator Robert (Bob) Shrum).
  • (Shrum connections)
  • Shrum
  • (Shrum's in the news)
  • (Shrum connections)
  • (Schramm connections, in German)

    Religious Sites

  •  (Mel Gibson's New Movie about the life of Christ)
  •   ( Archealogical finds in the Holy Land)

    Search Engines, Help, and Maps

  • (Can search for photo as well)
  • metacrawler
  • ask (Ask Jeeves)
  • email-lookup
  • lycos
  • search
  • smartpages
  • worldatlas
  • (U.S. historical documents)

    News, Magazines and Help

  • rd (Reader's Digest)
  • cnn (CNN news)
  • debka (Israeli news)
  • janes (Military equipment and weapons)
  • (Public television)
  • nationalgeographic (National Geographic magazine)
  • (A what if scenario about nuclear war)
  • usnews (US News & World Report)

    Fun Sites

  • Neverwinter Nights, game modules: "Shrum Castle" a game Mod I created at ""
  • dbpoweramp
  • anchorstone ( Archealogical finds in the Holy Land)
  • windows ( An awesome media player, and it's free!)
  • dvdeastereggs ( Easter eggs are hidden areas in the dvd menu)
  • (Internet movie database)
  • terraserver (Global maps)
  • historychannel (The History Channel)
  • (Smithsonian Institute)
  • (The Avalon Project)
  • bombayinstitute (Calling Dr. Bombay!, computor help)
  • pcmag
  • (Click and Clack, car advisors)


  • Genealogy Web Sites

  • ; A guide to free genealogy research on the web.
  • gensource
  • civilwardata
  • ancestralfindings
  • ancestry
  • (Insert the surname you are seeking in the bracket).
  • (Information on heraldry, although not free, James Wolf is one of the oldest and certainly the best).
  • (A free search of newspaper articles).
  • censusfinder
  • censussearch
  • genealogytoolbox (Helm's)
  • freegenealogylookups (Mormon Church)
  • rootsweb
  • (A chat room style bulletin board, can be very informative!)
  • (World Family Tree Project)
  • (US Gen-Web Project)
  • ussearch
  • vitalrec

    Try searching on e-bay for items with the search "Shrum", or "Schramm".

    eBay Home


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