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Mel Shrum Page

    Welcome to the Mel Shrum Page. I strive to provide information on the Schramm and Shrum family history and genealogy, in a morally acceptable format.
    The surname Shrum, according to the 1990 census, compromises 0.002% of the population; ranking 6104 in surname prevalence. If you search for "Shrum" on Yahoo!, you will get the top 20 web search results out of about 24,900 hits!
    You can access my complete Gedcom file online on the Shrum Family Tree page link.
   Please realize that this work may not include your Shrum relatives, size is of concern, so the majority of information is available on the GEDCOM file available here.

Link for entire Legacy 5.0 GEDCOM file.(360 kb 5.5 GEDCOM file)
Shrum Gedcom file

    I've been asked; "Which of the coat of arms are correct?" The answer is: both are "correct", however, the Schramm coat of arms with the owl on the green mound is the first, and oldest version. The Shrum coat of arms with the blue elephant trunks above the crest is one of the newest versions. Personally, I prefer the Schramm coat of arms.
    If you use anything from this web page, please provide a link back to my web page, and/or provide me a credit byline.
    I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit here, as much as I have enjoyed collecting the information and building this web site. And, if you have enjoyed this site, please sign my guest book.
    With much appreciation;
    Mel Shrum Added 03-15-2011 I have reached the maximum website space for this site, and any additions to the webpage would not be allowed to happen. So enjoy this work, as complete as it may be, let it stand as a testament to my labor of love.

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What's New

  Here is where you can see what's been changed or added recently, without having to scan the entire web site.

03/02/2004: I have added a link on the Shrum Family Tree page that will download the entire 5.5 360 kb GEDCOM file.
03/02/2004: I have removed the camera icons and inserted photos on the Shrum Family Tree page.
03/02/2004: I have replaced the camera icons and inserted photos on the Research page.
03/02/2004: I have added a new page: Last Will And Testament Of Nicholas Shrum, Aug. 24, 1791.
08/01/2004: I have re-coded the index of all the pages, to a drop down menu; so it is easier to read.
08/15/2004: I have added a new page: Census Information, I have purchased the census records for 1810, thus far. I will add census records as time and money allow.
08/23/2004: I have changed the "Shrums who served in the Confederate Army" page to "Shrum's who served in the Military". It now includes every war, in chronological order, it is not complete, yet.
09/03/2004: I have added a page: Shrum Reunion Information.
05/05/2005: You can now view all of the guestbook entries that have been made.
01/14/06: I have added a new heading under Shrum Trivia, which links to unusual Shrum items on e-bay.
01-20-2011: I have added a page entitled "Shrum Cherokee Connection" It places all Shrum and Cherokee connections in one place, included is an invitation to join me in The United Cherokee Nation.
02-28-2011:I have reworked the Photos page, the images are now the correct proportions and size, instead of trying to fit them all the same size.
03-02-2011:I have changed the page background, hopefully this will make the website more interesting to viewers.
03-15-2011:I have reached the maximum allowed size for this webhost, so expect no further changes or contributions to be listed.
06-29-2011: I wanted to share the following link, it is my Facebook Group "Christians Unite", a place for gathering in praise, worship, ministry, communion, as well as sharing posts, videos, music, etc. Please join me:

    05-04-2014:I have added a new page "Famouse Relatives Shrum", and deleted some pages I found were not as interesting or helpful.

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